Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday Sweetness, sugar for the soul

If the car you drive says something about you, then
for 99% of drivers their car says "Look at me, I'm in debt!"

Not so for Julie Villagrana. Her cars do not mearly reflect her
earning capability or credit score.

While Jaguars "Exclusivity" means being one of sixty thousand
people who coughed up the money for this years model, Julie's
cars are exclusive by virtue of being Julie's cars.

These are not restorations. These are not "the way they were."
These are cars the way they should be!

Of course, what is truly telling about our lives
is not what we acquire, but what we create.

There is more to life than the skillful use of a Credit Card.
Things we create contain a part of ourselves, things purchased
contain the captured dreams of new car salesman and loan officers.

All Photos: Julie Villagrana

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